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What is the Center for Personal Development?

The Center for Personal Development (CPD) partners with students in their exploration of purpose to cultivate self-awareness, well-being, and career readiness. Throughout the year, CPD hosts events preparing students to develop life-long skills. Plus, each student is assigned a CPD counselor who provides individualized support in areas such as:

Stress management Career decisions Job searches
Self-confidence Public speaking Graduate school plans
Time management Experiential education Interview preparation
Career assessment Resume & CV creation And more...


Honors Bridge - a guide to graduate with Honors

Between Lewis Launch and thesis completion, there are opportunities for students to customize their Honors experience. There is no one way to complete the Honors curriculum. The Honors Bridge is a fluid framework with suggested milestones to help students stay on track and map their own journey. 

Honor the Balance

How do you find balance?

Alumni Mentoring Program

How do you secure an alumni mentor?

Experiential Education

How do you fulfill your experiential credit?